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    Not Koichi approved but the focus is a bit different from last time. Also it’s a bit easier meaning that its more read-able. I believe that people can benefit from this probably more than the other one.

    It’s 2 in the morning US EST right now so I’ll give you guys until 11PM US EST to answer. It’s really straight forward.

    [1:08:26] 小西★彩乃: おぉー
    [1:08:34] 小西★彩乃: すごいっすね^-^
    [1:08:38] 小西★彩乃: 誰推しですか?
    [1:08:58] missingno15: なんかMDです
    [1:09:12] 小西★彩乃: MDって何すか?><
    [1:09:51] missingno15: お、すみません、MDはAKBの用語かもしれないけど
    [1:10:02] missingno15: MD=みんな大好き
    [1:10:13] 小西★彩乃: なるほどー
    [1:10:32] 小西★彩乃: 一応 俺はTGS一筋ですよ^-^
    [1:11:49] missingno15: 一筋ってことばは見たことないから分かるように説明してくれない
    [1:13:16] missingno15: 日本語でいいですよ
    [1:13:50] 小西★彩乃: んーとね
    [1:13:55] 小西★彩乃: 例えば 
    [1:14:16] 小西★彩乃: 「俺はサッカー 一筋だ!」
    [1:14:18] 小西★彩乃: ↑だったら
    [1:14:27] 小西★彩乃: 俺は サッカーしか見てない
    [1:14:35] 小西★彩乃: サッカーだけが好き
    [1:14:45] 小西★彩乃: 見たいな感じかな^-^
    [1:14:49] missingno15: あ、なるほど
    [1:15:05] 小西★彩乃: 東京女子流だけが好きってことです^-^
    [1:15:45] missingno15: ふーんそういうことか
    [1:15:49] 小西★彩乃: そうです^-^
    [1:16:21] missingno15: 俺ならAKB48もTGSも大好きです
    [1:16:43] 小西★彩乃: まぁ それもそれでいいですねぇ~^^b
    [1:16:54] missingno15: そうですね

    What does 一筋 mean?
    What is it in hiragana?
    What about katakana?
    How is it used (in this context at least)?
    Use it in a sentence.

    Pretty forward so GO GO GO GO GO

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    一筋 (ひとすじ) (ヒトスジ)

    Hadn’t seen it before but in this context it seems to mean being devoted to one thing. Thanks, always nice to learn something new :)




    I had a lot of trouble this time.

    > おぉー
    > んーとね
    > まぁ それもそれでいいですねぇ

    I can’t figure out from context what these mean.

    > 誰推しですか?

    Is that だれ? What is 推し?

    > なんかMDです

    I know that MD is explained later, but I don’t get what this sentence is talking about.

    > 見たいな感じかな

    What is this?

    > 僕は善一筋に生きていこうと誓うよ。

    And this?



    Oh sorry I forgot to add a something to explain what that was.

    推し is an even smaller abbreviation of the abbreviation 推しメン. Time is not up yet so I can only give you a hint to what it is.




    In addition to Missing’s hint I’ll add that メン is short for メンバー.


    This was my own attempt at using 一筋 in a sentence and probably doesn't sound like natural Japanese at all because I suck at writing/speaking :)

    It's just something like: "I vow that I will live devoted to virtue/good."

    -ていく is being used to add a sense that the speaker will do the action from now, toward the future (that was the intention anyway!) and is being used in volitional form.



    Giving you guys more time to answer whenever I say stop. Which should be tomorrow morning.



    > 推し

    At 0:49 the video says 推してるメンバー, which I assume is a contraction of 推しているメンバー, which means the verb is 推す.

    > 誰推しですか?

    Who is the member who nominates [other members]?

    > なんかMDです

    It the one who is sort of popular.



    誰推しですか? = Who do you support?

    I think it basically means the member of the group that you like the most.

    推してるメンバー in this context would be ‘member that you support’

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    > 推してるメンバー in this context would be ‘member that you support’

    Interesting. Could it mean “member who supports” in some other context, maybe if you were talking about which member supported a certain proposition or candidate?



    Thanks for participating you guys.

    Uh, to be honest, I wouldn’t recommend saying 推し unless you are talking about idols. I haven’t done political stuff yet so for candidates in terms of government, I can’t really say fore sure. I just left it there without a link explaining it until later because its almost like practice for you to understand words that you don’t understand through using the materials you have on hand.

    I don’t need to give you guys answers because you seem to know it!
    Although if I were to put 一筋 in a sentence, it would be like this 一応 俺はテニス一筋ですよ!
    Simple, all I did was copy paste and changed it a little. No need to go all fancy….

    > 見たいな感じかな

    What is this?
    読めりゃわかるはずだろう。No I’m just kidding, 見kanji isn’t supposed to be there. Must be a typo. だから読めりゃわかるはずだろう。




    >>Interesting. Could it mean “member who supports” in some other context, maybe if you were talking about which member supported a certain proposition or candidate?<<

    I think so, that would seem likely to be the case if it has a direct object.






    Ah, I was wondering about the 見たい. So the kanji was a typo, that makes sense :)

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