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    Read the following conversation and answer the questions below. Or whatever comes first for you. You will have until Saturday @8pm US EST to complete the questions. Extensions because of real life problems will be given as needed.

    (For obvious privacy reasons, all names except for ones that may seem like mine is replaced with 「名無しさん」). This time a link was a provided but I edited it so that it becomes dead; again for obvious privacy reasons.

    [2011/09/19 22:59:45] missingno15: ともちんチユウと付き合ってた!
    [2011/09/19 23:00:20] 名無しさん: え、手に入れたの?
    [2011/09/19 23:00:27] missingno15: おぅ
    [2011/09/19 23:00:43] missingno15: 今日、届いた
    [2011/09/19 23:01:32] missingno15: AKB49vol4&1/48
    [2011/09/19 23:03:01] 名無しさん: そうだったんだ~
    [2011/09/19 23:03:09] 名無しさん: よかったね
    [2011/09/19 23:03:27] 名無しさん: じゃあ俺が送んなくていいって事だね」?
    [2011/09/19 23:03:57] missingno15: そうみたいだね
    [2011/09/19 23:04:12] 名無しさん: 了解~
    [2011/09/19 23:04:25] missingno15: 聞いてくれてありがとう
    [2011/09/19 23:04:35] 名無しさん: 全然いいよ~
    [2011/09/19 23:05:33] missingno15: さて、次は誰かな・・・
    [2011/09/19 23:06:02] 名無しさん: にゃんは俺のものだからダメ~♥笑
    [2011/09/19 23:06:42] missingno15: じゃ、ちゃんと付き合ってあげる 笑
    [2011/09/19 23:07:08] 名無しさん: 付き合ったらアメリカまで行ってぶっ殺す♥笑
    [2011/09/19 23:07:19] missingno15: ははは
    [2011/09/19 23:07:24] missingno15: そこまでか
    [2011/09/19 23:08:30] missingno15: ちなみに、これで勉強できる気がする
    [2011/09/19 23:08:39] 名無しさん: 恋愛の?
    [2011/09/19 23:09:11] missingno15: 恋愛と日本語の
    [2011/09/19 23:09:30] 名無しさん: まぁ俺にはもう恋愛の勉強はいらないんだ^^
    [2011/09/19 23:10:20] missingno15: え、なんで?
    [2011/09/19 23:10:38] missingno15: もしかして・・
    [2011/09/19 23:11:52] 名無しさん: まぁFacebookを見てみればわかるよ♥
    [2011/09/19 23:12:27] missingno15: なんてね
    [2011/09/19 23:12:39] missingno15: もう気づいたけど
    [2011/09/19 23:12:54] 名無しさん: やっぱ気づいてたかw
    [2011/09/19 23:13:14] missingno15: いやでも、フェイントとかかどうか
    [2011/09/19 23:13:27] missingno15: 分からなかったから
    [2011/09/19 23:13:44] 名無しさん: AKBのゲーム買う前に彼女できちゃったから、ゲーム買うのやめようかなと思ってるんだよ。
    [2011/09/19 23:13:56] 名無しさん: フェイントじゃねーよ!笑
    [2011/09/19 23:14:27] missingno15: そういうことか
    [2011/09/19 23:14:44] missingno15: まぁ、そいうこともあるんじゃん
    [2011/09/19 23:15:15] 名無しさん: まぁね。
    [2011/09/19 23:15:41] missingno15: でもよかった
    [2011/09/19 23:15:58] missingno15: 彼女ができたって
    [2011/09/19 23:16:28] 名無しさん: 羨ましいでしょ~
    [2011/09/19 23:17:26] missingno15: 羨ましいかどうか・・
    [2011/09/19 23:17:39] missingno15: 独身なんて別にいいけど
    [2011/09/19 23:17:52] 名無しさん: 正直になってみ?
    [2011/09/19 23:18:01] 名無しさん: 笑
    [2011/09/19 23:18:05] missingno15: やっぱり寂しいなって
    [2011/09/19 23:18:20] 名無しさん: wwwwwww
    [2011/09/19 23:19:20] missingno15: でも最近さ
    [2011/09/19 23:19:37] missingno15: 日本人の留学生を気になった
    [2011/09/19 23:20:00] 名無しさん: 同じ学校に日本人留学生が来てるの?
    [2011/09/19 23:20:21] missingno15: そうだ
    [2011/09/19 23:20:37] 名無しさん: かわいい?
    [2011/09/19 23:20:48] missingno15: とおもうよ
    [2011/09/19 23:21:01] 名無しさん: 年は?
    [2011/09/19 23:21:04] 名無しさん: kenとタメ?
    [2011/09/19 23:22:28] missingno15: 19歳で年あまりわからない
    [2011/09/19 23:22:49] 名無しさん: 19ならおれとタメだわ!
    [2011/09/19 23:22:59] 名無しさん: 写真ある?
    [2011/09/19 23:23:14] missingno15: 撮った撮った
    [2011/09/19 23:23:26] 名無しさん: show me!
    [2011/09/19 23:26:22] missingno15: アップロードするよ
    [2011/09/19 23:28:47] missingno15: リンクじゃ
    [2011/09/19 23:28:47] missingno15: http://a7.sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/299135_1327371035962_1000017025407_406495_957214978_n.jpg
    [2011/09/19 23:29:15] 名無しさん: めっちゃかわいいじゃん!!!!!!!!
    [2011/09/19 23:29:59] missingno15: でしょう
    [2011/09/19 23:30:21] missingno15: さらに仲良くしてる
    [2011/09/19 23:30:49] 名無しさん: え、これはガチで羨ましいぞ!!!!
    [2011/09/19 23:30:56] 名無しさん: 彼女英語うまいの
    [2011/09/19 23:30:59] 名無しさん: ?
    [2011/09/19 23:32:20] missingno15: 正直、いいというかよくないというか
    [2011/09/19 23:32:38] 名無しさん: でも会話は普通にできるでしょ?
    [2011/09/19 23:33:34] missingno15: あまりわからない
    [2011/09/19 23:33:46] 名無しさん: まじ^^;?
    [2011/09/19 23:34:08] 名無しさん: でもkenが英語を教えてあげれば喜ぶんじゃない?
    [2011/09/19 23:34:11] missingno15: 普通に名無しさんに日本語でしゃべろうとするから
    [2011/09/19 23:34:22] 名無しさん: ああなるほど。。。
    [2011/09/19 23:34:48] 名無しさん: それに実はアジア人って明かせばより親近感わくでしょ!
    [2011/09/19 23:36:09] missingno15: あぁ
    [2011/09/19 23:36:33] missingno15: まぁ英語力について
    [2011/09/19 23:37:39] missingno15: 夢まで英語で説明した
    [2011/09/19 23:38:00] 名無しさん: 夢って将来の夢?
    [2011/09/19 23:38:10] missingno15: そう将来の夢
    [2011/09/19 23:38:23] 名無しさん: 将来の夢はなんだって?
    [2011/09/19 23:39:11] missingno15: 世界中旅行して
    [2011/09/19 23:39:39] missingno15: tourist guideになりたいって
    [2011/09/19 23:40:38] 名無しさん: いいねぇ~
    [2011/09/19 23:40:55] 名無しさん: だから留学してるんだね
    [2011/09/19 23:40:57] missingno15: tourist guideって仕事の難しさを聞いたから
    [2011/09/19 23:41:07] missingno15: いいなって思って
    [2011/09/19 23:41:19] 名無しさん: だよね~
    [2011/09/19 23:41:21] missingno15: だから英語を勉強したい
    [2011/09/19 23:43:30] missingno15: 残念だけど12月日本に帰国するみたい
    [2011/09/19 23:43:59] 名無しさん: 2か月ちょっとしかいないのか~それは寂しいね
    [2011/09/19 23:44:26] 名無しさん: じゃあそれまでに何とかして付き合ってそして・・・♥
    [2011/09/19 23:44:31] 名無しさん: 笑
    [2011/09/19 23:44:54] 名無しさん: あ、てかさ、まだ昼ご飯食べてないから今から食べるね~^^;
    [2011/09/19 23:45:00] 名無しさん: また今度!
    [2011/09/19 23:45:03] missingno15: okkk
    [2011/09/19 23:45:09] 名無しさん: 名無しさんだっけ?
    [2011/09/19 23:45:15] missingno15: うん
    [2011/09/19 23:45:17] 名無しさん: なんか進展あったら報告よろしく
    [2011/09/19 23:45:19] missingno15: 名無し さん
    [2011/09/19 23:45:26] missingno15: うん
    [2011/09/19 23:45:33] missingno15: 話しきいてくれてありがとう
    [2011/09/19 23:45:41] 名無しさん: いいよ
    [2011/09/19 23:46:22] 名無しさん: ちなみにそういうときの「はなし」は送り仮名なしで「話」だよ:P笑 じゃあね~
    [2011/09/19 23:46:48] missingno15: alright

    問題①: What are the 2 main points of this dialog?

    問題②: Why does 名無しさん(speaking) say that he’ll kill me?

    問題③: After reading this dialog, the phrase 聞いてくれてありがとう was used twice. Why?

    問題④: [2011/09/19 23:30:49] 名無しさん: え、これはガチで羨ましいぞ!!!!]
    To be honest, I didn’t understand what he meant by this at first until I looked it up afterwards (which is like right now lol). What does he mean by 「ガチで」?

    問題⑤: D’oh! Messed up again! Don’t worry, it was just a typo from typing fast but what was that typo?

    問題⑥: [2011/09/19 23:17:26] missingno15: 羨ましいかどうか・・
    [2011/09/19 23:17:39] missingno15: 独身なんて別にいいけど
    [2011/09/19 23:17:52] 名無しさん: 正直になってみ?
    I didn’t understand this either until now either but what does he/she…..

    Reflection Time!

    1. Very first time reading it, how’d you do? Did’ya get better as you re-read it? Questions help you out? Or not?

    2. What are some things that you learned? Any grammar points うんぬん

    3. 内容はどう思いますか?

    4. What do you think of these kind of lessons? As in recorded realtime skype chatlogs as opposed to Koichi’s picking up lines from dramas? Should I just stop making lessons in general?

    Also KiaiFighter is not a beginner. Better than I am.



    He says that he will kill you if you go out with にゃん, who from the videos I’m assuming is a character in that AKB game you’re talking about.

    聞いてくれてありがとう means either “thank you for asking” or “thank you for listening”. In this case I’m going with the former as you were thanking him for offering to send you the game (which he no longer needs to do as you already have it).

    I did have some problems this time though, it was definitely tougher than the previous ones for me:

    [2011/09/19 23:09:30] 名無しさん: まぁ俺にはもう恋愛の勉強はいらないんだ^^

    Is that 要らない at the end? He doesn’t need to study love anymore?

    [2011/09/19 23:13:14] missingno15: いやでも、フェイントとかかどうか
    [2011/09/19 23:13:27] missingno15: 分からなかったから

    The first sentence there lost me :)

    [2011/09/19 23:13:44] 名無しさん: AKBのゲーム買う前に彼女できちゃったから、ゲーム買うのやめようかなと思ってるんだよ。

    I translated this as him thinking that he will stop buying games because he got a girlfriend before buying the AKB game. But that reason doesn’t really seem to make sense to me so I think I’m wrong with that part of the sentence.

    [2011/09/19 23:17:52] 名無しさん: 正直になってみ?
    [2011/09/19 23:32:20] missingno15: 正直、いいというかよくないというか
    [2011/09/19 23:34:48] 名無しさん: それに実はアジア人って明かせばより親近感わくでしょ!

    I’m really not sure what these three say.

    [2011/09/19 23:44:54] 名無しさん: あ、てかさ、まだ昼ご飯食べてないから今から食べるね~^^;

    I know what this says, but I don’t know what the てかさ is.






    > じゃあ俺が送んなくていいって事だね

    What is 送んなくて?



    It’s a contraction of 送らなくて.

    らない sometimes gets contracted to んない colloquially. 分かんない is another example.



    Can’t say anything. I might know a hint from a video or something that may help but this is the best that I got




    So there is some kind of game or movie where it’s like you are hanging out with the members of this singing group. Missing just got it, but I guess he had talked about it with Anonymous previously, because Anonymous says there is no point in him sending it.

    Then there is this:

    M: さて、次は誰かな・・・

    So, next is someone…

    Does this refer to the game/movie, like a new part is starting that features someone else?

    A: にゃんは俺のものだからダメ~♥笑

    Because Nyan is mine, it is useless.

    I assume the ~♥笑 is just some kind of emoticon text. Am I on the right track so far?

    I have trouble working on the later parts if I don’t understand the beginning, because without context I can’t figure out what is going on.



    Actually the first half smoothly transitions into the second



    >So there is some kind of game or movie where it’s like you are hanging out with the members of this singing group. Missing just got it, but I guess he had talked about it with Anonymous previously, because Anonymous says there is no point in him sending it.<

    If I recall correctly, back in the first mini lesson Missing posted, Nameless said that when he returns to Japan he will buy an AKB PSP game and send it to Missing. So I think it's the same person he's talking to, about that same game.

    >M: さて、次は誰かな・・・<

    This is 誰 then かな. So it's like he is saying "Who next I wonder…" in regards to the game. Which appears to be dating game, so he was wondering which girl he would pick to date next. Then Nameless follows this by saying:

    >A: にゃんは俺のものだからダメ~♥笑<

    Because Nyan is his, Missing must not date her. If he does then Nameless will go to America and kill him. The 笑 (laugh) shows that he is of course joking.

    That's my take on it.




    EDIT: whoops maybe thats not a good idea. whatever

    in any case, here is a video that explains how the game works

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    [2011/09/19 23:13:14] missingno15: いやでも、フェイント とか かどうか
    [2011/09/19 23:13:27] missingno15: 分からなかったから

    Even so, it wasn’t clear whether you were faking.

    [2011/09/19 23:13:44] 名無しさん: AKBのゲーム買う前に彼女できちゃったから、ゲーム買うのやめようかなと思ってるんだよ。
    [2011/09/19 23:13:56] 名無しさん: フェイントじゃねーよ!笑

    I got a girlfriend before buying the AKB48 game, and I think I’ll quit buying games.
    Real talk!


    That’s the best I could do with these lines. What was the thing on Facebook that was referenced a few lines earlier?



    “Even so, it wasn’t clear whether you were faking.”

    Ah yes, silly me was reading feint as faint. How embarrassing :-\

    So Nameless changed his Facebook profile to say that he was in a relationship (or maybe made a status update about it or something) and Missing says that he wasn’t sure whether it was real. To which Nameless responds:


    It isn’t fake!

    Thanks, that makes a lot more sense!



    Who or what is “ken?”



    Ken is Missing’s real name.



    Extending deadline to 11pm US EST

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