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    Ali Akbar

    Fellow Textfugu people, I wanted to make a list of the most reoccurring words in Japanese anime. So, looked online for such lists and found Yale University’s Anime Club’s list of 100 Most Essential Words in Anime. I decided to make an Anki list out of it, but in order to justify putting some effort in it, I thought about sharing it afterwards. Since, I am really insecure about my self image, I decided to put in some effort.

    This list is Easy for anyone who watches Anime, these words are so common in Japanese animation that you might already sort-of know what some of them mean.

    here it is

    (updated apkg, 19 Nov 2018):

    Almost 111 Words with Kanji, Hiragana, Meaning, Explanation and Audio (some words don’t have audio yet).

    You should be able to read Hiragana to use this Anki deck.

    The audio is from Frovo.com. There was some noise and stuff in the audio, but I fixed that using Audacity.

    Some audio is also from
    Hope this list helps you understand more Japanese Anime ^_^

    - Corrected two mistakes:
    かっこい corrected to かっこいい. 女子個性 to 女子生.
    - Replaced the romaji with hiragana.
    - Made some changes to make it easier to read the explanations.
    - Added more audio and improved audio for some cards.

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