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    I’ve been wondering what I want to be in life and Ive realized that the study of language and culture is a passion of mine and what I want to do in life. I was wondering what kind of careers there are in such a subject and if you guys could recommend me some? It’d be great 😊



    Not really my area of expertise, I’m afraid. Google-sensei might be able to provide some helpful pointers, though…



    You can always become a teacher yourself and pass along stuff you know. You wil have some revision when you teach your pupils and you can study some more by yourself. I would like to become a teacher, I think it’s a great job and good teachings are valuable if you ask me.


    Joshua Khoo

    When I started out learning, I aimed to be a translator.
    Now I work as an in-house translator at a Japanese game company.

    So that’s one option.

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