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    I’ve taken a break from Japanese for a while and I would like to get back into it. I was just wondering about Eto Eto alpha. As a lifetime member to textfugu, am I entitled to getting an invite for eto eto alpha?



    Well, you were. I’m not entirely sure if that offer is still on the table, but you can try sending an e-mail to hello@textfugu.com

    Fairly sure I heard they weren’t sending invites any more, though…


    Really? Where did you hear that? Was there an email I missed?



    I got an e-mail back in June last year.


    So all of the lifetime users that joined after 2013 will be integrated when EtoEto is released in Beta this year?



    Last I heard was “Lifetime members get a free upgrade to the next version, EtoEto, when it’s ready. You’ll also be added to the lottery for alpha/beta testing. Our goal is to get everyone invited by mid 2016, or before Half Life 3 is released, whichever comes first.”

    Since Half Life 3 is being invoked, I’d be inclined to say that “mid 2016″ isn’t set in stone, though…



    If you sign up today for a lifetime membership of TextFugu it says you’ll be automatically upgraded to EtoEto still.
    Dunno about the lottery or alpha. I just cared about the upgrade when it goes live.



    Here is my email exchange:


    I’ve been a WaniKani member for almost a year soon, and a TextFugu lifemember since December. When I signed up for TextFugu it said that I would get invited to EtoEto but I haven’t heard anything regarding EtoEto since then, someone suggested sending an email. So, here goes:

    Would it be possible to get an invite, please?

    Hi Joni!

    EtoEto invites are only available on a lottery basis right now. If you’re a TextFugu Forever member, then you’ve automatically been added to said lottery.

    I hear we’re going to increase the rate of invites going out soon though, so cross your fingers.



    aaand this was 4 months ago and I have not heard anything since then, and don’t expect to now. To be honest I feel scammed and extremely disappointed, but nobody seems to care.

    Edit: Doing a quick search I found that on Reddit there are some extremely disappointed people going on about it as well. Seems that others have gotten similar replies as I did.

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    Why is it taking a long time for EtoEto? And why aren’t there updates and support?

    At the beginning of the year in 2015 I emailed support asking whether it was worth jumping back into Textfugu or simply waiting for EtoEto(because at the time it was being advertised as ‘Coming Soon’). I got the response mentioning it was going to be released by Summer of 2015. We are now going on Summer of 2016 lol.

    I understand that things happen, but Textfugu/Tofugu is amazing and if only we were kept up to date and things were updated it’d keep me at least a bit hopeful. It seems like there’s no updates at all and most topics are from 2014-2015. It almost feels like the project was abandoned.



    About 1500 invites just went out today. If you’re a lifetime member, you probably would have gotten one.



    Yeah, Koichi is not the greatest at regular updates. Or, for that matter, regular updates to the fan club on how the updates are coming. Or updates to the forum community… don’t think we’ve had an active forum moderator since sheepy disappeared…

    … But my point is I try to have a bit of faith in him. He’ll deliver. Sometime this century, for sure.

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