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    Let’s Keep Things Simple

    If you have questions, please ask hashi@textfugu.com. He is the Kim Jong Un to my Kim Jong Il.

    General Rules

    1. Don’t Discriminate: Don’t insult members based on religion, race, sex, political beliefs, sexual orientation, etc.
    2. No Bullying: Kind of like the previous point, but more general. Be nice to each other, we’re here to learn.
    3. No Advertising: If something is relevant, then by all means post it up. If you’re just trying to advertise something to advertise it, leave it at home. I don’t imagine this will be a problem here since it’s a members-only community, but just to be sure…

    Posting Rules

    1. Keep it PG-13: That’s an American PG-13. No nudity or anything that breaks any of the general rules (discrimination, bullying, etc).
    2. Be Helpful: It’s nice to be helpful.
    If you need anything else, you can email hashi@textfugu.com or koichi@textfugu.com. We’re happy to help.
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    No one has responded to this? :P Regardless, great forums!



    ”He is the Kim Jong Un to my Kim Jong Il” … lol



    I hadn’t noticed that until just now. Does that mean that you guys do a giant, costumed, synchronized dance for me?



    I just purchased Textfugu because I was drunk and it was on sale! WHAT HAVE I DONE?!


    No but really, I would have done it anyway. Still, I shouldn’t spend money in such a state. Now excuse me while I quaff some more wine.


    Was this post one laboured excuse to say “quaff”? Mostly.



    did you mean 任天堂


    erwin gomez

    Cheers! I’m looking forward  to be very helpful as I advance on my learning of this fascinating language.



    I like it isn’t request but a rule to be helpful.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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