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    I still have my old notebook I took notes in. I realize that may sound stupid since these lessons are always here, but writing things down helps me. Yet after 2 years of being away it has gotten so bad that there are even some Hiragana I don’t remember. I’ve lost all my vocab and sentence knowledge. Katakana and Kanji is GONE. I’m wondering if you guys have any advice to help me out with getting back into things. Starting at the beginning again is hard, I get a “I used to know this once yet I don’t anymore so I suck” sort of mentality. And that negative attitude is stopping me from learning again. Any advice?

    Edit- This may no be entirely off topic, but I felt it belonged here more than anywhere else.

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    Welcome back! Maybe it’s worth just throwing yourself in at the deep end. Find something in Japanese and try to read it. Basically, try to jog your memory by sheer brute force. =)


    I think you’ll find a lot of it is still there, but the brain has put into deep storage. I learnt hiragana six months ago and thought I knew it 100%. I then gave up on Japanese because I hadn’t found a study from home program that worked and joined the 90% who quit. Now I’m back, got myself a better plan. I relearned hiragana in an hour or two but this time round, I carried on. I use Anki and real kana app daily and not forgetting anything. So I think you should run through the program again but this time you’ll be on speed and a lot will return. It will be hard because “I used to know this once yet I don’t anymore so I suck” sort of mentality.

    I also got back into running after a 20 year break. I didn’t try and compete with my formed 20 year old even though I knew I used to post way better times. For eight to ten weeks, it was hard, but worth it. I’m now a better runner than I was twenty years ago, because this time round, I learnt to run properly, train without injury and really enjoy running. If you apply the same to Japanese, you’ll learn fast and better.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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