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    Hello there!
    A few weeks ago I discovered an amazing app/extension that helps you to stay focused during study sessions and I thought I should share it wit you guys!
    The app is called “stay focused” (duh.) It’s basically a timer for certain websites. You create a list of websites that keep distracting you, set how long you are allowed to use them each day and one this time is exceeded BAM! you can’t use them anymore until tomorrow. That’s especially great for social media addicts like me ;)
    Another option you have is the nuclear mode which allows you to disable All websites for either a certain time or a set date, except the ones you whitelisted. It basically forces you to be productive. That’s the reason I always enable it when I’m studying: It helps me to pull trough.
    Anyway, I thought it might help you out, especially the ones who haven’t developed a studying habit (yet). Have fun and keep focused ;)


    (oh and btw there’s a similar app for smartphones as well)


    Tiara Porch




    I’d like to add onto this my favourite app; Forest.
    You set an amount of time you’d like to focus for, plant a tree, and if you don’t touch your phone or blocked websites, it grows into a little tree and is saved.

    it’s useful because my phone is one of the worst distractions. While it does require willpower as you can just exit the app – it kills your tree and when you automatically pick up your phone and see the tree it reminds you that you’re trying to focus! :)


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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