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    Can you make decks in Anki where you give input as a answer?




    I thought it might be linked to anki update: it’s not showing the questions in my sentences decks but some blank boxes as if it’s not recognising the characters, when I select to show answer I do get the characters though so it’s pretty inconsistent. I’d be interested to know if somebody has similar problem and if they managed to fix it :) cheers



    I found a solution!

    Browse, select the sentence deck (or whichever deck where you’re having this problem), click “Cards…” and remove the font type description in the first field called Front Template.

    It had Helvetica set to font type which apparently was causing my issue. So in the end it wasn’t an update but probably the fact I installed the font on my computer that generated the boxes. So if you’ve got Helvetica on your machine and you’re seeing boxes instead of the Japanese text, then this is probably what you need to fix in your deck. If you don’t have Helvetica and this is happening you can still try to do that edit to fix the issue.

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    Yeah someone else had a similar problem before, I don’t know if Helvetica had anything to do with their problem, but they ended up changing their font to MS Gothic.


    Can someone explain to me how I get back my “leeched” cards?! Sometimes when I suck at learning a word, the program says they’re a leech and then I never see them again. How do I return them back into my decks? Will they know where to go since I removed all the sub-decks and put them into the master deck?



    I mostly use AnkiDroid so I’m a bit less familiar with all the options and procedures of the desktop version, but it looks like this is what you need to know:

    By default leeched cards are suspended, but if you don’t want that behavior you can change it in a deck’s Options, under the Lapses tab.

    Once a card has been suspended, go to Browse. Looks like suspended cards are highlighted in yellow. To unsuspend then, highlight them and hit the Suspend button near the top middle. By suspending I don’t think it actually moves it out of the deck, so no worries about it knowing where to go.

    I don’t see a way to directly sort and view suspended cards, but it looks like if you right-click in the header area of Browse you can add a “Lapses” column, so sorting by that would probably get you to suspended cards quicker than just scrolling and looking for yellow.



    Two things happen when a card is marked a leech. It is given the tag “leech” and it is suspended. Both “Leech” and “Suspended” are permanent links on the left-hand pane of the browser window. If you click leech it will bring up all your leeches. Highlight them all and click “Suspend” at the top of the window to suspend them. Also, while they are still highlighted, you may want to click “Remove Tags” at the top of the screen and remove the leech tag.

    If you don’t want cards to marked as leeches at all, you will need to set some more complicated options.


    I don’t want my cards to get leeched at all, soooo yeah



    1- click on a deck
    2- click options at bottom
    3- switch to the lapses tab
    4- set the leech threshold to 0 (I think, if 0 doesn’t work, set it to 999 or something)
    5- set the leech action to tag only

    You should consider continuing to use the leech function. If you are forgetting cards so often that you are generating massive number of leeches, you should review your study habits.




    I’ve added some links under a Master Section at the bottom of the guide. These are videos that delve into some of the things I was planning to cover in the Masters Section, which I won’t have time to do for a few months, while I’m attending university.

    I will still try to answer any questions I can in the mean time.

    The linked videos were made by the creators of Anki.




    This actually helped me out quite a bit. Having used it for a few days now, I still consider Anki to be one of the worst programs I have ever intended to use for an extended period of time, but with these instructions it actually works to a degree where it becomes bearable, which is in great parts due to the fact that I actually understand it better now. That flurry of outdated instructions and fragments really only served to confuse – though I greatly enjoyed most other aspects of Textfugu. I hope that Sensei adopts some of this in his re-write of TF.

    Thanks, mate! It’s appreciated.

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    Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.


    Glad to see it’s helping. ^_^

    He’ll certainly have to do something better than what he currently has, as it’s instructions for Anki 1. So yeah, it should be a lot better.



    Oh my god, thank you. This was driving me nuts.

    I just finished Season 1. I so wish I had this guide when I first started using Anki. Would have saved me a headache.



    I always post a link to it for people who make intro threads.

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