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    Yeah, I didn’t do that… I should maybe do that.

    Even still, I didn’t pay money (and thus didn’t have access to the forums) until after I finished Season 1 bumbling through it without instructions.

    Your guide was a huge help after that though! ^_^


    Paul Jayes

    I just got done consolidating my subdecks! This guide (along with TextFugu) has helped me immensely in staying collected with the terrifying journey that is learning Japanese. It also really helped me figure out Anki, which is a great flashcard program that I’ve started using for a lot of other stuff. Thank you so much! I’d be lost without this guide! :)


    This was super helpful! Thank you so much! Quick question. We’re told in Season 1 Chapter 4 (I believe) to come up with our own vocabulary list and to add it to Anki. Is there a way through Anki to write with the kana I need or do I need to download some kind of program for my computer? Also as a side question, technically I haven’t learned Katakana yet, so if the words I was supposed to look up and use as vocab aren’t written in Hiragana what should I do instead? Thank you!

    Rebekah Fraser


    I just added instructions to the How To Thread.


    Thank you so much!

    Rebekah Fraser





    Great Job! Detailed, visual and informative. It would be pretty awesome if this forum topic could be pinned so that newcomers would be able to see it immediately when checking the forum (instead of having to go searching for it or waiting till somebody posts on this topic to bump it to the top)

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    Jessica Cole

    Thanks for the guide. I’d gotten my head around most of this stuff but it was reassuring to have it confirmed that moving everything to main decks wasn’t breaking anything! It would be really handy to add an explanation of the tags for each section though (i.e. Sentence decks use the tag format 00# where # is the number of the sentences deck, whereas Kanji decks use ##-## following the numbers Koichi assigns to the decks).

    I often use textfugu on my phone to study during lunchbreaks etc, and since you can’t import anki decks using the mobile app (at least not the android one) I found it useful to download EVERYTHING in advance and just disable tags for decks I hadn’t got to yet, so when I did get to them I can just reactivate that tag in my anki app and keep going straight away rather than hitting a block. I’ve not finished downloading everything yet since the basic vocab decks aren’t linked on the downloads page but when I have and have organised them all into the relevant decks I’ll re-upload my “Textfugu” masterdeck so others in the same situations can do the same without needing to download each sub deck separately =)



    Thank you so much for this Aikibujin. Your post answered my question and helped me organize Anki :D Thank you!


    Dear Aikibujin,

    Your explanation is of 2013 and now it’s 2016, so I don’t know if you’re still there. If so, I thank you very much. I had e lot of troubles with the Anki and I already wanted to switch to pen and paper, but then I found your post. It resolved (nearly) all my problems. Still don’t know how to get my japanese words in the passion list in hiragana.



    Thank you so much for this post. It has really helped a lot with setting up Anki2 right and getting started with it. Lucky I found it by mistake…There really should be a link to your post in the Textfugu lesson, where one sets up ones Anki the first time around. For people starting out with Anki, it is highly confusing with the differences of Anki 1+2, well it was for me.
    Your post clarifies each and every question the beginner might have. ありがとうございます!


    Thank you very, very much for this guide!!! I agree very much with all the above posts. My Anki decks were really getting out of hand. One less thing to obsess over! Thank you very much!

    Also, have you decided not to do the Expert episode? Not sure that this beginner would be ready for such a thing, but if it will be anything like the Beginner and Intermediate sections, I would be very interested.

    Happy New Year! ありがとうございます, Indeed!



    Thanks for this guide. It was extremely helpful in condensing my Anki files. I tried using Anki’s site when I got that silly message about too many decks, but the way they tried to explain things made very little sense. Thanks to your guide, I was able to get everything sorted in less than 5 minutes. Thanks again for your hard work and for posting this so all of us could figure out this program.



    It is still helping, although the site is not updated…..
    thank you!


    Joanne Champ

    I’m a newbie and this answered my Anki question perfectly!

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