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    the summit is number ten? oh,  I thought it was nine… :-) we stayed at the last hut before the summit (I think it’s 8 1/2?) and there they told us, the next point would be the summit… (maybe they just wanted to be nice to us…). Anyway, mountain-sickness or not (and partially really bad weather) it was more than worth the effort, not just because of the view, but especially because of the (south-)korean group, that adopted us, and the people in the hut, who were quite funny and lovable.

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    Let’s cast some thread necromancy!

    Here are the things I wrote about my trip to Japan in 2012. It’s on tumblr so you’d have to dig through several pages of My Little Pony content to find it, thus I’ll link the posts here directly :3

    Departure (with delay)
    Arrival in Japan
    Photo: Night view from hotel room
    Photo: Pocky
    Photo: Sunrise from hotel room
    Photos: NGE merchandise
    Photos: Various Merchandise + some more
    Photos: Moomins
    Photos: Cat Café Nekobukuro
    Photos: Fun things
    Photos: Ueno Zoo
    Photos: Akihabara + more merchandise
    Various Tokyo stuff
    Photos: Various Tokyo stuff
    Photos: Odaiba
    Shibuya & SEGA Joypolis
    Sendai & Matsushima
    Photos: Matsushima + more + more
    Photos: Nikko + more + more
    Answered questions
    Photos: Hakone
    Photos: Odawara
    Photos: Miyajima
    “More” Kyoto (Kinda lost motivation in the end…)
    Photos: Osaka + more

    I apologize, it’s not nearly as comprehensive as other blogs here and the photos are all cellphone quality. Next one will hopefully be better!



    Love it. =)

    I wouldn’t aspire to my level of bloggishness, personally, considering that each post takes me about two hours to write… =P



    This thread is quite ded.
    Not exactly a blog, but I just (literally just now) started instagramming my life in Japan, if anyone cares to follow :)


    edit: わさみん profile pic? must update that soon

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    I haven’t got an Instagram account, so I can’t follow, but I’ll certainly keep an eye on it. =)

    Doesn’t chocolate on fries just scream “Halloween” for you? =P



    Hello all,

    Not in Japan at the moment, but lived there from 2006-10 (Imabari, Shikoku), and again from 2013-15 (Osaka). Have numerous posts on my life in Japan here:


    I will upload Osaka stuff and 2016 ride around Kyushu, when time is available… Will be riding around this summer (Tokaido, and Biwa-ko, I think) and planning a Basho extravaganza next year (2019). Anyone cycling in Japan?

    Ian Cochrane

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    Ooo, I’ll certainly check out that blog.

    While I haven’t cycled in Japan myself, have you ever watched Cycle Around Japan on NHK World? They’ve even done an episode on Biwa-ko.

    I’m tempted to walk the Old Tokaido someday, though any time I attempt any sort of all-day walk, I always quickly realise how far out of my current grasp that kind of major expedition is. =P

    (Also, to tootle my own horn a bit, I just got back from a holiday in Japan this morning. Blogged about it in the same place as my first trip – http://japan.jrudd.org/ )

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