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    Hey guys, my name is Toby!
    I am just here to introduce myself as the Textfugu program asks, and am hoping to engage with some of you through my learning process! Sorry if this post is not in the right place.
    I am from Australia and am going to Japan in about 3 months to see my partners family and I’ve been many times. I still have not learnt Japanese! So I am going to study hard over the next 3 months and see how far I can get. I am hoping to at least be able to hold some conversations with them but I do understand learning a language can take quite some time and dedication!
    Anyway, I hope to speak with some of you in the future!
    If you have any tips for my journey (and battle) ahead, please feel free to leave some advice below!



    I would suggest finding another program if you’re looking for group interaction, this site’s community is pretty well dead because of Koichi’s neglect.


    i just came back after years away and it is crickets

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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