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    So I actually started using Textfugu awhile ago and paid for the forever plan about a week ago. I haven’t been able to make much progress since due to a very busy schedule. Anyhow! I’m hoping to get back on track now..

    So then. My name is Mikhail, but feel free to call me Miki ~
    I’m 19 years old, and I have a huge interest in Japan as most of you do. The Pop Culture and lifestyle really fascinates me and I find the language to be absolutely captivating.

    Ever since I was young, I’ve tried to teach myself Japanese.. Though with very little success. For the first time ever, I feel like I’m actually making progress.

    Ultimately, my dream is to become one of several things. Either a Japanese/English Translator of some sort, An English teacher in Japan or a Japanese Teacher…Though, it seems that if I just direct anyone wanting to learn to Textfugu, that should be more than sufficient. So I guess I should cross Japanese Teacher off my list. xD

    Anyway! It’s great to be here. Learning is a really fabulous feeling and I hope everyone else feels the same way about it and that everyone else gets as much joy from this site as I do ~! I’m always up to new friends, so ~ don’t be shy. ;3



    Welcome! Glad you’re trying to get back on track. Have fun~ :)



    Thanks! I’m glad, too. xD
    After all, I hope for my career to be based on this knowledge. :U






    Welcome to TextFugu, Miki. (Coolest nickname ever)

    Good luck learning Japanese.



    Miki, welcome and good luck with your studies! :) :)




    Thank you everyone! I appreciate the warm welcome ~

    Also, @Winter, aha. You think so? xD
    Most people tend to pronounce it like “Mickey”, which I don’t think sounds too cool. Just makes me think of Mickey Mouse…and it gets a lot of people singing “Hey Mickey, you’re so fine! You’re so fine you blow my mind! Hey Mickey! Hey, hey, hey Mickey!” to me. ._.’

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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