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    There is an Anki addon 175027074 that’s supposed to fix this and enable using old decks but it just returns an error for me.

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    Thank you kindly! This actually helps a lot. Perhaps I should try it with more items a day. I definitely thought about decreasing the default ease number but having read your explanation for it, I would agree it makes sense as is. Anyway, I think I get how this all works better now. So once again, thanks! ^^

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    I’m new to both Japanese and Anki and I’d like to ask for your help with Anki2, please.
    On textfugu I read: “You’ll want to click on the “timeboxing” option to limit your session to 5 items (just for now).” Well, it doesn’t seem to work like that on Anki2.
    So as I was going through the options, I figured out that I could build a filter deck with just the first 5 items. Well then, should I build another filter deck each time I want to add items? Or is there another way?
    I also tried simply setting New cards/day on ’5′ in hiragana deck options, perhaps that’s a better way as it allows continued studying. But I’m under the impression that the older hiragana (the ones I practiced a few days ago) are too rarely reviewed (or maybe it just seems so to me).
    Well, perhaps I’ve been doing everything correctly but I thought I might as well ask.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)