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    Just posting to see if my gravatar is working (or if I did it right). Thanks! [Yay! It worked! Thanks, again. ('Course now I have a account I won't use. lol)]

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    Great post for issues such as you are having==> That really, really helped me clean up my deck and make it easier to use. (Read: less likely to give up on Anki due to my lack of understanding how to use it.) Hope that helps.

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    Thank you very, very much for this guide!!! I agree very much with all the above posts. My Anki decks were really getting out of hand. One less thing to obsess over! Thank you very much!

    Also, have you decided not to do the Expert episode? Not sure that this beginner would be ready for such a thing, but if it will be anything like the Beginner and Intermediate sections, I would be very interested.

    Happy New Year! ありがとうございます, Indeed!

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    Well, you’re probably right. But I did notice it again tonight as I was going thru all my Anki sentences. Textfugu Anki “Sentences 10″ seemed noticeably faster than “Sentences 09″.
    “Seemed” is probably the key word. Thanks.

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    Thank you. That really helps. I don’t pretend to get the “forms”, yet. We English-speakers use, it seems, forms of courtesy and politeness but they seem to be more in the content and context, etc. I haven’t really thought it that much really, so that’s interesting, too. Thanks, again.

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    Thanks! I kind of assumed what you just said, but did need some affirmation. (Over the years, my assumptions have left a lot of scars on my posterior.) Learning other languages and traveling the world (slowly) has helped me realized how weird* language can be so not surprised Japanese has its things, too.

    (*example: the letter ‘j’ being pronounced 5 or 6 different ways depending on the country’s language in just the latin-based countries. The equivalent of “romanji” in other languages, through some sort of transliteration, often gets pretty crazy.)

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