Speaking More Like Yoda

“Size matters not … Look at me. Judge me by size, do you?” – Yoda

Yoda has a funny way of talking (but you already knew that). Let’s take a look at some very simple examples which will soon turn into learning some very simple Japanese grammar. First, we’ll look at how Yoda would say something in English.

English: It is a pen.

Now, how would Yoda say this in Yoda-Grammar?

Yoda: Pen, it is.

Whoa? See how your world just turned upside down? Let’s look at a few more examples to make sure you understand.

English: It is a doctor.
Yoda: Doctor, it is.

English: It is a Dog.
: Dog, it is.

Now let’s have you try.

English: It is a monkey. 

a Yoda: Monkey, it is.

English: It is a hairpiece. 

a Yoda: Hairpiece, it is.

Do you see how that works in English? Now let’s see how this works in Japanese. We’ll make it easy on you and focus only on the grammar. All nouns (persons, places, or things) in the sentences will be English for now, and the grammary parts in Japanese.

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