Studying Your Passion

“The passion, the competitiveness, the swinging for the fences, it adds up.” - Donny Deutsch

One thing that sets TextFugu apart from the rest is our “passion” (and puns, apparently) to keep you studying Japanese. If you quit for any reason at all (unless you find that you just really hate the Japanese language), then we’ve failed. In the end, it’s motivation that gets people to keep doing what they’re doing, which makes it a big part of our focus.

I’m almost 99.9% certain that learning Japanese isn’t your “passion.” In fact, it’s nearly impossible to truly be passionate about something you’re just starting to learn. Nope, Japanese is just a hobby (at the moment), but we’ll slowly cultivate it into something you’re passionate about. Since Japanese isn’t your passion, we will want to tap into something you are passionate about. What do you love to do more than anything? Maybe it’s snowboarding, maybe it’s building miniature battle-ships and testing them out in bathtubs, maybe it’s competitive eating. Only you will know that. Now, if you can’t think of something that you’re passionate about, that’s okay. Keep reading and we’ll get to you.

As you go through TextFugu, there will be lessons that incorporate the things you are passionate about. This may include vocabulary learning, grammar practice, and more. This chapter is a “prep” step to get you ready, so don’t skip it!

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