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    With this sentence「すし を たべない つもりです」, the given translation is “I do not plan to eat sushi”.

    I’m wondering if the more accurate translation is “I plan not to eat sushi”?

    I would have thought that “I do not plan to eat sushi” would be translated as「すし を たべる つもりじゃない」




    Yeah yeah yes…this should be posted in like a “frequently asked questions” section

    *Incidentally, “I do not plan to eat sushi” would not be すしを食べるつもりじゃない, it would be すしを食べるつもりはない.



    Wish = Command

    I just started a thread for this and have used this as the first entry.

    Here’s the thread: http://www.textfugu.com/bb/topic/common-errors-in-textfugu/

    Could one of you provide the location of this within TF and Tsety can you check and make sure my entry for this is accurate?

    (I should probably spend more time actually completing TF than making help threads, but I can’t help myself. >_<)



    This error happens in Season 5. Here is the associated page: http://www.textfugu.com/season-3/plans/11-4/#top

    For some reason the URL says season 3… I assume it was moved from an earlier season.






    For the record, it’s not quite an error as a difference in culture.

    Think about these two phrases in English.

    I think he isn’t happy.
    I don’t think he’s happy.

    Which sounds more natural?

    Most likely the second does. Just as in Japanese they would say
    “彼は嬉しくないと思う。” instead of “彼は嬉しいと思わない。”

    It’s just a matter of where they put the negative. In this case it doesn’t change the meaning at all.

    A decent understanding of English grammar is required if you continually compare English grammar and Japanese grammar. Otherwise there’s no benefit from comparing them. You’d be better off just learning Japanese grammar in Japanese.


    @KiaiFighter: Totally agree.

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