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Questions People Ask

Q. Why Is TextFugu On Perma-Sale?
We're working on a giant update, and it's taking way longer than originally expected. Until that update comes out, the Lifetime price is reduced. Of course, when the update comes out you'll be getting it with your Lifetime membership. Also, when we raise the price to the original price of $120 (and then above that amount too, later on) you'll get to laugh at all the people who waited and go buy yourself fifty uni nigiri sushi.

Q. Who is TextFugu For?
Because the ordering of this textbook is so important, we generally recommend TextFugu for beginners. Going out of order makes things painful.

Q. What Do You Get?
There are chapters grouped into "Seasons" (check out the Lessons Menu) which contain a mix of grammar lessons, practice, life lessons, and more. While all this is going on, you're learning the most useful radicals, kanji, and vocabulary. Other perks include a member's forum, special deals on other Japanese products, and an advanced practice section.

Q. Can I Upgrade To Forever?
Sure, but you have to send us a message letting us know. The first month is on you, after that you can apply monthly payments towards the lifetime one. It's not automatic, though, so be sure to send that email once you've reached $140 $120 total!

Q. Can I try before I buy?
You bet. The first season is free and it contains the foundations you need to learn Japanese. If you like what you see, you have that option to continue with TextFugu!

Q. Refund Policy?
Lifetime membership has a lifetime refund. Passed your TextFugu subscription on to your grandchildren? They can't appreciate the fine hand crafted artisan Japanese textbook experience? They can return it too. If you're on monthly we'll return the previous two months. Whichever it is, returns are hassle-free and EZPZ lemon squeezy. Just send us an email.

Q. Other Questions?
Just shoot us an email or check out the FAQ.

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