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    What the heck, I didn’t even know that I was featured in the latest chapter of season 3. I just happened to be using はず today with a japanese friend expressing how depressed i am about certain thing which i discussed. i am still depressed.

    [12:20:26 PM] missingno15: 悔しい!
    [12:20:29 PM] missingno15: これが!!!
    [12:24:06 PM] tosh: ともちん
    [12:24:12 PM] tosh: 8
    [12:24:15 PM] tosh: だったね
    [12:24:18 PM] missingno15: 7
    [12:24:26 PM] tosh: 7か…
    [12:24:29 PM] tosh: でも
    [12:24:33 PM] tosh: すごいじゃんよー
    [12:24:37 PM] tosh: おめ!!
    [12:25:09 PM] missingno15: 今年3位はずなのに・・・
    [12:25:31 PM] tosh: 日本の人気を考えたら
    [12:25:44 PM] tosh: 3位はちょっとないな
    [12:27:21 PM] missingno15: そうと思わない
    [12:27:47 PM] missingno15: 3位は3位だからさ
    [12:27:59 PM] missingno15: top 3
    [12:28:08 PM] tosh: gununu…
    [12:28:36 PM] tosh: 拳、君はよくやったのだ
    [12:29:02 PM] tosh: これが結果なのだーーーーーーー!!!!!!
    [12:29:52 PM] missingno15: まあ、そんなところだね
    [12:30:07 PM] tosh: hohoho….
    [12:31:08 PM] missingno15: ともちんは負けることが嫌いって聞いた
    [12:31:45 PM] missingno15: 大丈夫のかな
    [12:32:03 PM] tosh: 落ち込んでるから
    [12:32:19 PM] tosh: ken ga nagusameteagenaito!!
    [12:34:02 PM] missingno15: sono [ken ga nagusameteagenaito!!] ha nihongo no kanji de kaite kureru?
    [12:34:32 PM] tosh: 拳が慰めてあげないと!
    [12:34:36 PM] tosh: dayon
    [12:36:27 PM] missingno15: 落ち込んでる
    [12:36:38 PM] missingno15: でも
    [12:38:55 PM] missingno15: ともちんの出演の尺は変わないなら
    [12:39:25 PM] missingno15: 全部は大丈夫

    can you spot the はず?



    Oh, and i guess this thread is for any questions about はず that I’m not feeling very well to answer right now



    So you made a new thread…to let people ask questions, about a single word? o.o



    I got a question, when you use はず, and you “ね” to make it an inquistive statement. Does it become so?

    For example.

    It just become inquisitive right? I would imagine, but what would I know.



    let it also be known, I only gave the lesson a quick once over. I’m redoing it again. I am beginning to like this little peice of grammar.



    also, what happens when you are telling someone to expect something? て-form involvement?



    see, sinisterT-pain has some questions

    first question, i would believe so. “Isn’t it expected that BobbyJudo drinks coffee?”

    second question: i would think thats something different. im thinking it of the context of something like “Expect your salary to go down.” In which case, i dont think はず is used.


    I prefer to think of it as “should be”, “bound to be”, “must be”, etc. instead of “expect to be”, but I guess that’s just me.

    Anyone else notice there were a handful of errors in that chapter that should have been spotted during proofreading? Just little things like missing words, extra words, etc.. I mean, you can still understand what he is saying, but it’s a little unprofessional, I feel.



    Missing should write up a mini-lesson on はず



    @Missing/Mister. Thank you sir. Also, yeah, I figured as much. :D
    Also, also(Missing). “SinisterT-Pain”? I can dig it. :D
    (Mister) Well, we should cut them a bit of slack. They are trying what seems to be very hard to get everything done on time. Plus it sounds like their projects are starting to become a bit backed up.

    Irregardless, thanks again.


    @SinisterT: They shouldn’t take on so many projects then :P Also, he’ll probably get this Summer intern to proofread everything (hopefully).

    Off topic, “irregardless” is not a word! XD



    This is why it is bad to multi-task, yes?

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