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    you mean so good



    I thought he was enunciating the word kind of strangely too, but oh well.

    As for the shiritori, it was just regular shiritori with the set of available options restricted to English loanwords (i.e. in katakana). In the next video, they start playing a game they call “English one-liners”, but which basically turned out to be just Japanese puns using English words…


    I think the way he was enunciating was to try and make it clearer for them. Didn’t really work though :P

    If we could go back on topic for a sec, what does じゃね mean when Scotch says 「。。。COOLじゃね。」? Is it something like じゃない? I tried looking it up but didn’t get very far.



    Pretty sure it’s casual form of じゃない.


    じゃね is almost always used for questions. Something along the lines of “right?” in English I would say.

Viewing 5 posts - 46 through 50 (of 50 total)

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