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    Ines Beldi

    Hey TextFugu people, I come in peace !

    I’m a french girl from Paris, France. I’ve spent a year living in Tokyo when I was a student (precisely, I was doing my internship there) and it was awesome (though it had its difficult sides, which were totally different from what I expected).

    Now I really want to go back to Japan, and spend a loooong time there, which implies finding a (real) job. So this year will be all about learning japanese very, very hard!

    Anyway I work in the video game industry, and I have a thing for japanese games (i.e. Persona, Katamari, Phoenix Wright, Yakuza and so on). I also like anime, manga, clothes, alcohol and chocolate.

    If you recognize yourself in my hobbies, feel free to drop me a PM !


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    Welcome to TextFugu!

    We actually don’t have a PM system on this forum… >_>

    Check out this guide for using Anki 2 with TextFugu:


    You can also use the following thread to track your progress and share your ideas/concerns when you finish a season (gain a level ^_^):


    And here is a thread with a list of additional Japanese resources you may find helpful:




    Ines Beldi

    haha, I wondered about the PM system ! my bad then !

    I didn’t know Imabi.com :o it’s awesome !
    Thanks for the links !



    Welcome. ^_^

    Yeah Imabi will be my next stop once I finish TextFugu.

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