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    The item that you see in the picture above, are 日本語能力試験N3に出る 日本語単語スピードマスター Discs 1 and 2. They are attached to the book, 日本語能力試験N3に出る 日本語単語スピードマスター. The discs that are attached provide audio for the 2400 words, terms, phrases that appear in the book and most likely, the JLPT N3.

    As much as I’d love to rip you all off, I will send it for $5(US domestic) or $7(International) to the first person that posts here clearly stating that they will claim the CD’s. Unless you are willing to pledge your allegiance to aidols, then that person will take priority over everyone else. This excludes Mark, and I’m slightly serious. The reason for these prices is to pay for packaging material and shipping cost. Payments will be made by Paypal.

    First come, first serve. I actually can’t send these CD’s until Saturday or if worse comes to worse, next Monday but reserve now, faster than you can say あいしてらぶる!



    I’ll claim the phone. =P



    I know you have nothing but good intentions missing, but the TextFugu forums isn’t the place to sell stuff. It’s a bit of a liability issue for us but if you can arrange something through other mediums (email, Twitter, etc.), feel free.

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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