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    On the Anki cards that I downloaded for vocab, and when I try to copy-paste volcano radial, it looks like this
    八  (edit – okay, when I posted the post, it looks like it’s supposed to – but on my screen when I’m typing, it looks EXACTLY like fins – same on my Anki cards)
    Which isn’t exactly what it’s supposed to look like according to this page - http://www.textfugu.com/kanji/%E5%85%AB/#top

    It has a top on the page which describes the Kanji “eight” and the radical “volcano”, but it seems to be missing that on the Anki cards (and I can’t seem to get that too come up).

    Am I overthinking this? Did I miss a point when this was explained?

    (I’m fairly new at this Kanji thing and it was confusing enough before I noticed this discrepancy and now I’m just really confused)


    Is it something with the way that my computer shows Japanese text, maybe?

    Or do other people’s Anki card’s for “eight” also look exactly like the radical for “fins”?



    It’s fonts. Not all fonts have the little hat on the volcano. You didn’t miss the page where it’s explained, because it’s not. The closest anyone comes to addressing fonts in kanji (I mean, aside from the post that’s literally about a Japanese font [1]) is Hashi’s post on Tofugu [2], and even then he’s just ranting about how kanji on the internet tends to come out in Chinese. Many characters even look significantly different when hand-written, and that’s not mentioned at all (though ironically, the very kanji that Hashi uses as an example is one of these – the variants that he’s labelled “Chinese” are the handwritten Japanese form).

    (Incidentally, the volcano radical and the kanji for eight are the same character.)


    Edit: Ugh. What’s wrong with all the URL tags in this forum? Here’s the links I’m trying to add inline, only all footnoted now:

    [1] http://www.tofugu.com/2012/09/26/japans-helvetica/

    [2] http://www.tofugu.com/2012/04/04/the-sorry-state-of-japanese-on-the-internet/

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    Its easier to change the font on your anki decks to Meiryo UI.



    I noticed that some kanji display differently on the mobile version on Anki. Frustrating.




    And I wouldn’t say frustrating, because you’re going to encounter a thousand different fonts in the real world, so you may as well start getting used to them now. Try this: load up Google Street View and go roam the streets in Tokyo – see how many shop and street signs you can read. =)



    Its easier to change the font on your anki decks to Meiryo UI.

    Thank you! I will definitely keep in mind the difference in fonts but it confused me at first. I’ll change the fonts for now but try to keep in mind the subtle difference in the particle “fins” and “volcano” from the other font.

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