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1. General question? If you’re a member already, asking it in the forum may be the quickest bet.

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3. Time sensitive “emergency?” Your account isn’t working and you would like it to be? Use this form. It will send a text message to Koichi and if you’re lucky he’ll be able to sprint to the nearest computer and fix your problem in a couple minutes.

I may not be able to get back to your emails in a matter of minutes every time, but I do try to clear emails as quickly as possible (usually once every 24 hours), though sometimes over the weekends I check my email less. If something is urgent, be sure to use the third contact option, though, and I’ll get to answering your email right away.

We try to get back to emails within 24 hours, but sometimes we get backlogged. That’s why we would absolutely love your help in making it easier for us to answer quickly! There’s three ways to email us, and here they are.