on’yomi kun’yomi Radicals
ちょう n/i

Meaning: Street

This kanji is made up of the nail radical. Where would you hate to see nails? The worst place to scatter nails would be the street because of all the cars driving by.

Imagine someone spreading nails out all over the street and watching cars hitting them and popping all the tires. Who would do such a terrible thing?

Reading: ちょう

Who is spreading these nails on the street? That is Mrs. Cho, who will be popping up from time to time in the future as well (so be sure to get a good image of her in your head).

Might be sort of racist, but we gotta do this for memory’s sake, right? Mrs. Cho is an evil little Asian lady. She hates everyone and does bad things to others for her enjoyment. Her laugh even sounds like her name. Imagine her laughing, saying “cho cho cho cho” like some evil Santa Claus, or something.


There are no vocab words that only contain kanji you know already, so there’s no vocab words for you to learn with this kanji… yet. Don’t fret – as you learn more kanji, this kanji will start popping up, so make sure you know the meaning and reading of it before moving on! It’ll come in handy later on.

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