on’yomi kun’yomi Radicals
く, きゅう ここの.*

Meaning: Nine

Nice! This kanji is the same as the radical that looks just like it (down to the meaning!). The radical is Nine and the kanji is Nine making the meaning of this kanji really easy to remember as long as you know the radical first.

If you know the radicals nice and well, you’ll know this kanji’s meaning nice and well too!

Reading: く, きゅう

Although this kanji has two on’yomi to learn, the pronunciations of those two on’yomi are very similar, and nearly the same thing (making it easier to remember). Let’s use the meaning, Nine, to remember the on’yomi as well. Whenever you try to hit on some cute (きゅう, く) guy/girl (your choice) Nine out of ten times they just spit in your face.

Think of the cutest guy or girl you can. It’s important to get it in your mind that these people are super cute, and not just “somebody.” If you have to, think puppies and kittens instead, the ultimate-cute-machine. They just bite you Nine out of ten times. And yes, you keep stats, so imagine yourself writing down stats of this every time you try.


Try to learn the meanings of the following words right now. If that was too easy, learn the readings as well, then move on to the next kanji.

a / a 九(く/きゅう)= Nine

  • Meaning: As long as you know the kanji, you’ll know this vocab word.
  • Reading: This word has two readings, depending on when / how it’s used. This is the sort of thing you’ll have to learn through time, after seeing く or きゅう a lot more often. Don’t fret if you don’t get it right away, but be sure to know both exist.

a 九つ(ここのつ)= Nine (things)

  • Meaning: This is for counting “things” – it follows the same pattern as other number-related kanji you’ve learned, like 一つ, 二つ, and more in the future.
  • Reading: The reading is the kun’yomi reading, so think about what “nine things” you’ll be counting. You have He-toes, Foot(s), Nanas, and now for this one, coconuts (ここのつ).

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