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きょう None + +

Meaning: Capital

Someone’s keeping a lid on the small mouths. The small mouths are the people whispering about revolution in the city. What city would especially want to put a lid on these kinds of mouths? The capital city.

The capital has the most government, so it would want to make sure its people in the capital city, more than any other city, stay in line and behave. If it helps, imagine these insurgents with (literally) tiny mouths, whispering about revolution in dark alleys.

Reading: きょう

To remember the reading きょう we use the Japanese word for today, 今日 (きょう). – The revolution, however, is drawing near. The people will take the capital soon. What day does the uprising start? It starts 今日!!

Take a look at a calendar. On today’s date, there’s a big “REVOLUTION” written there. You’re surprised. You didn’t realize that that was today!


a北京(ぺきん)= Beijing, Peiking

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