on’yomi kun’yomi Radicals
はち や.*

Meaning: Eight

A great way to see a Volcano is from the sky. You’re in an airplane, looking down at what you thought was just a single Volcano. Suddenly, eight volcanos explode in a octagon shape, causing the airplane to stop right where it is (the pilots thought it was a stop sign since it was red and had eight sides). Then, your plane plumets because it stopped.

You see the eight volcanoes explode. But then your plane stops because they look like a giant stop sign signaling the pilots to stop (they wouldn’t want to get pulled over by the air police, now would they?). You should imagine the fear and absurdity of the whole situation. Your plane is falling to the ground and it’s because eight volcanoes exploded. If it was seven, you’d have been okay… but it was eight, making an octagon in the ground.

Reading: はち

After the Eight Volcanoes explode and your plane starts falling, you have to act. You run up to the emergency hatch (はち) and flip it open then jump out, parachute in hand.

But, as you’re falling and you pull your parachute, it just hits the hatch tearing it apart. You’re doomed, all because of the stupid hatch. If you bring yourself to hate that hatch in your imagination, you’ll be more likely to remember this on’yomi as well.

a 八(はち)= Eight

  • Meaning: The meaning is the same as the kanji.
  • Reading: The reading is the same as the on’yomi.

a 八つ(やっつ)= Eight (things)

  • Meaning: The meaning follows the same pattern as previous number kanji words you’ve learned. This is for when you’re counting things. Notice how all thing-counters end with つ? If you remember that pattern, you’ll learn these kinds of words more easily in the future.


    You’re counting “Eight Things” – When it’s eight, you’re counting yachts (やつ). Feel amazed at how many yachts you have…




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