on’yomi kun’yomi Radicals
n/i また

Meaning: Again

You’re sitting on your stool again!!?

There’s someone you know who carries a stool around with her all the time. Why? Because she’s super pregnant and can’t walk too far. You’re walking with her, but she has to stop every few feet and sit on her stool, again and again. Feel irritated about this, because it will help you to remember the meaning of this kanji better. Imagine this scene taking place several times as you’re trying to walk to your destination together, but she’s too slow and it’s super-duper irritating.

Reading: n/i

There’s no on’yomi reading (at least not an important one, that’s why I put n/i there for “not important”) for you to learn, so you can just stop worrying your pretty little face about it. Focus instead on knowing the meaning of this kanji and learning the vocab, which has a kun’yomi reading for you to learn.


Learn the vocab word for this kanji – it covers the kun’yomi reading and the meaning of this kanji, which will help solidify things in your mind.

a 又(また)= Again

  • Meaning: Same as the kanji
  • Reading: Who carries a stool around with them? Someone who’s really pregnant, who has to sit down on it again and again. Where are you two going? Where would a super preggers person go? Well, she needs to go to the matanity (また) store to get new clothes for her giant baby stomach.


This is actually the last kanji in the 2-stroke section, so congrats on that! Are you going to move on to 3-stroke now? Sure. Why not?

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