Younger Sister

on’yomi kun’yomi Radicals
まい いもうと +

Meaning: Younger Sister

A woman who is as speedy as a jet is definitely your younger sister. She’s got seemingly unlimited energy because all she does is run around. Your older sister is slower, on the other hand.

Imagine a little girl (your younger sister) running around with her arms out, pretending to be a jet, too. Prwoooooo!

Reading: まい

What do little sisters say? They are always complaining… “That’s MY (まい) doll.” “That’s MY towel!” “That’s MY cake.”

Feel irritated by your sister always saying this. She’s so selfish. Let this piss you off a bit too.


a姉妹(しまい)= Sisters

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a妹(いもうと)= Younger Sister

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