on’yomi kun’yomi Radicals
そう くさ + +

Meaning: Grass

You expose your flowers to ten suns. They are instantly burned up, and all that remains is grass.

Think of how disappointed you are. You thought ten suns would make the flowers grow better, but instead it just burned up all the sensitive flowers, leaving only the grass behind :(

Reading: くさ

We’re going to combine a couple things here. When you need to remember く we use “cooties.” When you need to remember さ we use “saw.” So, くさ is a “cooties saw.” – You have plenty of grass in front of you, but you want to get rid of it. You take your cooties saw (くさ), which is a saw made out of cooties, and cut out a huge chunk of the grass and tear it up so that you can replant and get those flowers back again.

The reason you’re using a cooties saw is because it actually eats up the grass (because it’s made up of a million little bugs) – that way there isn’t a big pile of grass to throw away afterwards.


a草(くさ)= Grass

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