on’yomi kun’yomi Radicals
おん おと +

Meaning: Sound

For some reason, you are standing on the sun. It’s obviously very hot, but the thing you notice most is the sound of you burning up. It sizzles so much.

Imagine a super loud sizzling sound, drowning everything else out. It’s ridiculously loud, and hurts your ears more than the sun’s heat hurts your skin.

Reading: おん

This sound is ridiculously loud. To counteract this, you turn on (おん) your noise canceling headphones.

You could turn on many other things too, to help out… maybe a fan to cool you off. Maybe the AC. Think of a bunch of things you turn on, and imagine yourself switching the “on” switch to “on” as well, to help bring home the point.


a音(おと)= Sound

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