Don’t say, “If I could, I would.” Say, “If I can, I will.” – Jim Rohn

In this chapter, you will learn about kanji radicals because it will show you exactly how you’ll be learning kanji. You’ll learn the basic concept of radicals (because it’s not something commonly gone over in Japanese lessons) and you’ll learn how to put them together to form kanji. It will get you ready for learning radicals as well as kanji (which starts at the beginning of next season). It’s the last thing you have to do before you can begin with that stage of your Japanese, and the sooner you can start, the better.

You’ll use the info in this chapter to help yourself to learn kanji later on – simple as that.

Just sit back and read the chapter – no practice or anything like that – just a chapter that needs to be read and absorbed as much as possible. You’ll be taken through kanji step by step when you get there (soon) but knowing how things will go beforehand will make sure there’s less to think about when you do get started (that way you can focus on what’s important).

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