TextFugu Rewards Program


“Put Captain Solo in the cargo hold.”Boba Fett

If you are a paying member of TextFugu, you can get paid for helping out with the little things. Basically, we’ll give you a little money for finding mistakes, sending us ideas for improvement, feedback, telling us when and where you’re confused, and more. We want TextFugu to be the best experience possible, and that can only happen with your help!

This does a few great things, I think:

  1. It encourages you to pay more attention to the little things. This will help you learn more (as well as help me make TextFugu a better learning experience all-around).
  2. You are rewarded for helping out, which is another way TextFugu motivates you to learn Japanese. Although this won’t work on everybody, the opportunity to make all the money you spent on TextFugu (and more) is an interesting one.
  3. You can help some great charities by submitting bounties. Currently you can choose from one of four to donate to (or just take the money for yourself!): Roomtoread.org (providing children with books around the world), DonorsChoose.org (help individual classrooms), Kiva.org (microloaning to those who want to make small businesses to become successful), and the Tofugu Scholarship Program (helping the less fortunate learn Japanese).

To submit a bounty, just look out for the “bounty button” at the bottom of any TextFugu page (as long as you’re logged in). It’ll look something like the following, down at the bottom of your page.

Here are the rules of the TextFugu bounty program, also available in the FAQ section.

  1. Bounties are only attributed to your account when acted upon. Currently, 80%+ of all bounty submissions have been acted on, though, so keep the awesome feedback coming.
  2. Bounties are paid out sometime between the 5th and 10th of every month. The payout is for the previous month (i.e. the month of December would be paid out between January 5-10). This allows time for processing bounties, organizing information, and making sure everything is accurate.
  3. There is sometimes opportunity for bonuses, though this is at the discretion of the TextFugu Team.
  4. Totally cool and okay to make all your money back. If you help us with $100 worth of feedback, then you’ve made TextFugu a better place to learn Japanese. Some people will end up making money in the long run, which is great.
  5. We check the bounty pool every few days, so if you don’t get a response right away just be patient, please!

If you have any more questions about the TextFugu bounty program, please e-mail us at hello@textfugu.com