Not Telling People About Your Intentions

“Our intention creates our reality.” – Wayne Dyer

Believe it or not telling people you’re going to learn Japanese isn’t the best thing you can do. This page used to be about “hey, you should tell people that you’re learning Japanese so they keep you accountable.” Now, however, it’s the exact opposite. Just a good example that shows how things change on TextFugu as I learn more about learning (this change was made with the help of a member who sent me a bunch of info on this, actually!). Point is, TextFugu isn’t a doorstop that never gets updated :)

Want the long (only 3 minutes, actually) version? Watch the following TED Talk (TED Talks are amazing, by the way).

Want the short version? Here it is:

  1. Don’t tell people your goals (at least not right away).
  2. Why? Because it tricks your mind into thinking that your goal is already partially complete, making you less likely to follow through with your goals.
  3. If you talk, it becomes part of your “social reality.” If it becomes part of your “social reality” it feels like you’re farther along than you are, and you end up thinking you don’t need to work as hard (and I want you to work hard, please!).

Really, though, you should watch the video, It’s quite good.

So, there you have it. Keep your secret (for now) and surprise everyone with your skill later. I know it might seem odd, but every little thing helps, especially early on (when little things make such big differences!).

This page used to have a “Tweet it” button to encourage you to tell the world. Now it doesn’t. That being said, you should feel free to say hello to us on Twitter or Facebook because we like it when people say hello! Makes us feel all warm and fuzzy, you know?

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After you’ve kept your mouth shut, move on to the next page. You’re almost ready to get started with Japanese… moments away, really! Just think of how ready you’ll be, too!

Task Can you keep a secret? Good. Keep that secret as long as you can until “Learning Japanese” actually becomes a part of your identity!

Alright, only one more thing to do. Let’s get it done!

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