Creating Your Study List

“Rest in reason; move in passion” – Khalil Gibran

Now that you have all the words written out on your list, you should actually learn them. We’ll be using them throughout TextFugu to practice grammar (and other things) so this is the first step. Also, it’s good to learn how to make your own study lists to study, no matter what. Of course, we’ll be using Anki to do this.

It’s pretty easy to use lists other people have created, but creating your own lists might be a little trickier. Here’s a quick screencast I’ve made that shows you how to add your own words to Anki.

At this point, go ahead and input your passion list into an Anki list. I wouldn’t worry about kanji, at this point. Just learn the words themselves (in hiragana). You’ll be learning kanji separately and via a very different method, so learning any kanji now will actually throw that off a bit.

Before you move on make sure you create your own passion list on Anki (and study it a bit!). We’ll be using this more later. By finishing this page, you’ve come up with a list of vocab you’ll be studying, and you’ve learned how to create a list in Anki!

After you’ve created your list, why don’t you start studying it? You don’t have to finish it or anything (yet). Just go through the first ten or so words (there’s only twenty, total) to get started.

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