Common Katakana Words

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There are a lot of katakana “foreign” words. I feel like new ones are being created every day as culture is being imported into Japan from other countries. That being said, I’ve put together a list of what I think are the most common foreign katakana words for you to learn.

The list is long, and you aren’t expected to learn all of it right now. It would be good if you got started on it, though, and then continued working on it little by little as you go through Season 3. It’s a bunch of words that kind of sound like their translations, though, which should make it considerably easier. If you’re all caught up on vocab, try to get through as many of these as possible – I’m hoping it’ll be a little easier than you expect to do a lot of these, and you should get a lot of katakana practice to boot.

Common Katakana Words

Import this list to your TextFugu Vocab deck. After you’ve gotten started and done 50-100 words, it’s time to move on to the next lesson. Throughout Season 3, there will be times to practice katakana in order to make sure you get really good at it. Don’t stress over what you don’t know now – you’ll get it. It’s just going to take practice and that is what you will get as you move forward!

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