Go To Do

“It is much easier to ride a horse in the direction it’s going.” - Abraham Lincoln

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Right now you know about how to “do” things… Things like “eat sushi” and “buy orange juice” and “fight a monkey.” You also know about how to go somewhere… Things like “go to Tokyo” and “go to the store.”

Now… stay with me here… we’re going to combine the two. Things like:

“Go eat sushi”

“Go buy orange juice”

“Go fight a monkey”

It gets a little more complicated than this, of course, but we’re going to keep things simple for now. All you need to know is that we’re going to combine these two concepts. We’re “going to go do something.”

Here’s the pattern you should learn before going to the next page. This pattern contains only things you know so far, of course!

v.stem + に + いきます

That’s verb stem form (where you just remove ます from the verb) plus にいきます (go to). The v.stem part is what you’re going to go do. So, if you were “go eat” it would be:

たべ に いきます
Go to eat

If it was “go to eat spam” it would be:

スパム を たべ に いきます
Go to eat spam

Of course, the real mystery is “who serves spam?” (the answer to that is “anywhere in Hawaii,” of course).

Before moving on to the next page, all I want you to learn and memorize is the pattern itself.

v.stem + に いきます

Learn that, and we’ll build off of it and practice this grammar point over the next few pages.

By finishing this page, you’ve learned the “go to do” pattern and will be ready to practice this grammar point as well as learn different ways to use it


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