Beginning Your 5-Stroke Kanji

“A warrior acts as if he knows what he is doing, when in effect he knows nothing.” - Carlos Castaneda

AcK! Back to kanji again :)

Now it’s time to start your 5-stroke kanji. You know the drill – you have 10 kanji to learn between now and the next set of kanji, so break it up however you need to (two sets of five, five sets of two, whatever works for you) and make it happen.

Kanji Meaning 音 (on) 訓 (kun)
exit しゅつ で.る, だ.す
stone n/i いし
right (direction) n/i みぎ
left (direction) n/i ひだり
book ほん n/i
correct せい, しょう ただ.しい
ball n/i たま、だま
life せい い.きる、う.まれる、なま
rice paddy n/i
white はく しろ

Kanji 5.1 ← Import To Your Kanji Meanings Deck
Kanji Vocab 5.1 ← Import To Your Vocab Deck

After you’ve gone through these 10 kanji, move on to the next chapter. You’ll be learning how to get your Japanese corrected (I want you to start “creating” soon, you’re getting to that point) as well as how to utilize that to get better at Japanese. Of course, we’ll be integrating this into the regular lessons as well.

By finishing this page, you’ve learned 10 new kanji!

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