What’s Next?

“You’ve only just begun…”

Thanks for trying out Season 1. I hope, at the very least, it helped you to gain a good foundation for your Japanese so you can go off to study Japanese into the sunset.

Should you choose to continue with TextFugu, though, here are some of the things you can expect moving forward:

  • You’ll learn the rest of the basic grammar: Verbs, Adjectives, (and more) nouns.
  • You’ll get deeper and deeper into kanji.
  • You’ll begin to build onto your basic grammar, using it to learn more intermediate level concepts.
  • You’ll learn vocab based off the kanji you learn as well as based off of lists of the most common and useful words.
  • You’ll be able to reach an intermediate level of Japanese (and with updates, an advanced level coming soon!).

If you have any questions about TextFugu please email me. Always happy to help: koichi@textfugu.com. Study hard!

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