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    Hi all! Has anyone come across / found a solution for syncing the decks with a mobile device when the Anki app won’t function on their desktop (PC).

    I work in finance and my laptop has a lot of additional firewall coding to protect data, I get a feeling this is the issue as I’ve never had this trouble before. Anki shows as “Unavailable” in the app list.

    I’ve been using Textfugu for long enough to know not having access to the flashcards will take a lot out of my curriculum so please any ideas to get the flashcards onto my phone are welcome!

    I’ve tried:
    (1) downloading straight onto my iPhone – the app didn’t recognize the file type straight off of Textfugu, only the shared decks straight from the Anki website.
    (2) The Microsoft plugin recommended on Anki’s website
    (3) Using a 3rd party app on my phone to trick Anki into accepting the data (not my brightest moment)

    Thank you !


    Julia ฅ ̳͒•ˑ̫• ̳͒ฅ
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