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    Or whatever you use to make a bridge. I’m starting to build mine now~ I’m so excited. One day I’ll make it to Japan.
    Anyway. I’m Ivy. I’m not the best at introductions.

    I had several reasons why I wanted to learn Japanese. I think one of the strongest motivators for me is that I’m pretty obsessed with it and love-love-love the language and Japan itself, but many of my friends who don’t really care about it are learning the language for school to fill requirements and going to Japan for vacations, and my family members and friends of the family expect me to know it because I love it so much. I love Japanese so much and I can afford this program now (did the free trial years ago and can still read a lot of hiragana), so I’m finally going to start learning it. I can’t help but feel a bit silly with Japan as a major interest of mine and no speaking ability. >u>; Can’t learn it if you don’t start learning it, of course. So… yeah.

    I also hope to talk to my Japanese friend in her language, since we always speak English, and to be able to understand and read it much better when I go there.




    Getting to Japan by bridge seems like a long trip. Might I suggest flying? =P

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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