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    I have a lot of decks from when I was still doing TextFugu, with almost no kanji. After I started core 2k, I am starting to no longer like to go through and repeat these words, because they have no kanji, so I can’t really use the words for much now that I have done RTK. I know I shouldn’t be afraid of deleting, but some of my decks are have matured so that there is 1 year before I see the card next, but it is only in hiragana which is useless(for example you won’t even the basic word 新聞 if you only know hiragana:p). So my question is, do you think I should keep maturing these decks, or just focus on core 2k, where I will learn the words in a proper way?
    I would be able to delete 8 decks total :p Ultimate verbs, nouns, adjectives, season decks and a few others.

    I no longer see the benefit of learning hiragana words, so I am pretty sure it will end up with all of them being deleted, I would however like you guys’ opinion on the matter.



    Could just go through and change the Hiragana to the appropriate Kanji – At least then you give yourself a true challenge when the card comes up next (or remember it even better). Pain in the arse to do, but will most likely be of benefit instead of just deleting all that data (and needing it again when you want to keep reviewing vocab)


    Thing is, I will see all the cards anyway in my core 2k, and most of them are already in that deck, so at the moment I have duplicate of many words. And of course the core 2k is superior in all ways :)



    meh, do it then.. If it’s only for nostalgia then boom gone, move forward. Have useful is your core2k so far? I presume you’ve maxed out RTK – how are you getting on with readings from RTK?



    If it’s not useful don’t do it. There is no prize for having 500 year intervals. With that said, you could try turning all those cards around and using them as production decks. Just an idea.



    I suggest merging the contents of the old and new decks in order to preserve your existing study history. But if you really don’t want to use those decks anymore, it would be better to archive them instead of deleting them.


    I never even considered merging, that seems like a very viable idea :D Thanks to everyone, I think I will end up keeping most of the decks, because as Kyle said there is no prize for having 500 year intervals.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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