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    I just wanted to send out thanks to Koichi, and also the the community to make me able to achive this :) It is not that it has been harder than I expected, but now that I have gotten started then I know that I can continue, and one day in the future become awesome at Japanese :)

    It took me about a month to complete, and I reached my goal of completing S1 before august enden :)
    The last few days I have been slacking a bit and going through the s1 anki deck & learning some more kanji.
    S2 seems to be alot harder than s1, but I will look forward to getting better! :)



    S2 is not harder than S1, it is more fun actually!


    S2 is definitely more fun. It’ll be the point where you realise you can actually DO something with Japanese…



    Congratulations Mark! Good luck with Season 2 :)



    Hurry up and hit Season 3 so you can start using Lang-8, which is actually amazing and a lot of fun.



    Congrats!! Keep up the great work!



    Congratz! and using lang-8 is a lot of fun!


    Thanks for all the congratulations/luck wishes :)
    I took a look at lang-8, and I really like the concept, but I will need to learn a little more Japanese before using that :) Another good motivator for learning more! :D

    Also; good luck to everyone else!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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