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    Hello everyone. I actually joined last year but had to take a break from studying Japanese. I’m now in a position to begin studying again and thought It would be a good time to introduce myself. My name is Tom, I’m 24 and from the UK.

    I’ve been interested in Japan since I was a child, but it wasn’t until five years ago when my interest got deeper and I seriously thought about learning the language. I developed a love for the culture, the people and the language after spending many hours on the internet doing research and making Japanese friends.

    I’m also learning Japanese for professional reasons. I’d love to live and work in Japan if the opportunity ever presents itself. If not, then I can take extreme satisfaction from having acheived a personal goal.

    I’m currently saving up to visit Japan and hope to go when I have saved up enough money and my Japanese skills are better. I’d love to travel all over the country and see big cities such as Tokyo and Osaka and visit some of the smaller less known places. Mount Fuji also appeals to me as do the popular historical sites.

    I sometimes watch NHK World on TV and I play video games from time to time. I haven’t listened to alot of Japanese music but I like Ryuichi Sakamoto. I plan to listen to more music in my free time.

    I decided to take out a membership with TextFugu after going through some of the free chapters and watching Koichi’s hilarious and interesting videos on YouTube. TextFugu is perfect for me as I am self studying and love the idea of being able to talk to the author and ask the community if I ever need help. I also have purchased some of the popular known textbooks out there but feel TextFugu is more suited to me as I’m not in a classroom learning environment. I also have a membership to Gakuu.com but won’t be using that site just yet.

    I look forward to learning Kanji as you can see by my username :D . Koichi’s way of teaching Kanji makes alot more sense than alot of the traditional methods from native Japanese teachers. Although learning Kanji will still be difficult, I can feel slightly more at ease knowing I’m learning it a slightly easier and perhaps faster way.

    I look forward to chatting more with the TextFugu community :)



    Hi there, kanjiman8 and welcome back to Textfugu! I hope you’ll be able to achieve your goals and then some.

    If there’s any issue bothering you or if you just feel like sharing some thoughts, feel free to use the forums, the community is rather helpful here. =)


    I hope to see you out on Textfugu as well!



    Hi Tom, welcome to TextFugu. Good luck with your studies!



    Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I look forward to progressing with my Japanese studies on here :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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