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    I love reading blogs about people traveling to Japan on vacation. I love seeing all the photos, reading the descriptions of the sites seen, and watching how people take advantage of their Japanese language skills. I find these blogs extremely motivational in my studies because it gives me insight into where I’ll be visiting sometime (hopefully soon!) in the future.

    Did you blog through a visit to Japan? Do you know any other past TextFugu members who did? I’d like to put together a list and sticky it in the forums for other people to draw motivation from.

    Thanks for any and all links!



    I did. I went with a friend last year, though this was way back before I started seriously learning Japanese. Probably full of all sorts of mistakes. =P


    I, uh, wasn’t so great at uploading photos for it, though, mostly because it took forever, but my friend uploaded a bunch. I promise to do better next time, especially now that I can work Microsoft Live Writer. I did, however, finish making a digital scrapbook of it a couple of months ago, which I’ve been meaning to upload somewhere…

    Incidentally, the “Older Entries” link on the front page is currently broken thanks to a backend upgrade or somesuch like that – your best bet might be to click the “first post” link in the sticky post and navigate using the calendar after that.

    I’m also very interested to read others’ blogs. I heartily endorse this product and/or service. =D



    Thanks, Joel! I have you added to the list. Anyone else?



    So, am I the only person to blog my way through Japan, or simply the only person careless enough about Internet security to post a link in an essentially public forum? =P


    You should also post your email while you are at it ^^



    Joel, so far you’re just the only one to post a link to a blog. I know of at least one other TextFugu’er who blogged a trip to Japan but no one else has responded to the thread. :(

    Hopefully we’ll be able to collect a few more links!



    I’m currently *on* my first trip to Japan, in Kyoto with my wife and a couple of friends for Christmas and New Year’s. It might be mid-January before I have all the pictures up on Flickr to my liking, though. I’ll try to remember to post a link here.



    I hope you have a wonderful trip! We’ll be looking forward to seeing all the photos. :)




    I was writing an answer which ended up in the wrong thread – this computer seems to be in a really bad mood lately ;)
    Here I post the text again

    You might want to have a look at http://www.japanfenster.ch/japantrip/ja/
    Well, Thomas is probably not a Textfugu member. He was walking throuth Japang since August 1st until yesterday, taking tons of lovely pictures.
    He used to work for a travel agency but then he lost his job, because tourists wouldn’t visit Japan anymore…
    While you watch the pictures, you can practice Japanese or German or English ;-)

    Have fun looking and reading



    hi! yes! here i am! i know you’ve already read mine though from this past july, but i’ll post it for others!

    i dont think i shared our first trip blog though? it’s from march/april 2010:

    so there’s another long one for you to read with LOADS of photos :) enjoy!



    Yay! More blogs! On just my first quick glance, your photos look great. =) *Goes to read*

    Ooo, that reminds me, I’ve finally uploaded my Japan storybook pages. Um. Dunno if this’ll work, but here’s a link:


    Let me know if it doesn’t work and I’ll… Photobucket them, or something.



    nice!!! i love looking at photos! and gah! i’m jealous you climbed mt. fuji for sunrise! we almost did that on this past trip, but decided to leave it out to spend time in other areas. looks absolutely gorgeous, and i bet it was way better in person!



    I’ve posted some vlogs from my trip to Japan on my second channel: http://www.youtube.com/eemsTV2



    I’m going to visit Japan next March and I really want to make a blog! :3 I hope everyone will read it!



    I’ll read it if you post it. Though, next March is a long time away… =P

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