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    Nick Bussey

    Hello Everyone, I’m Nick from Australia. I’ve always loved everything about Japan and it’s culture, ever since I was young. I recently (last October) visited Japan for the first time, literally a dream come true and have booked a second holiday there this year too for 3 weeks (October again, easiest time to go because of work). I’m really hoping by that time I’ll be able to communicate a lot better.

    I’m fairly early into my Japanese journey, just beginning Season 2 now. Although I have done some other study previously. Most of what I’ve been doing so far is really just revision, but the way it’s taught is so refreshing and I feel as though I’m taking everything in so much more efficiently, hence why I’m joining on board.

    Thanks for reading guys, and good luck with your studies too :)



    Welcome! I too am from Australia, have recently visited Japan (last December for me) and have already booked my next trip (leaving Thursday next week). =)

    Where in particular did you visit?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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