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    Hello everyone,
    I began my learning journey a few weeks ago and since i have stuck with it so far i decided to pay and join the site. I have been using a lot of different methods (lingodeer, wanikani, kanji game aps.) My wife and I visited japan a little over a year ago and have talked and thought about it ever since. We watch anime, read manga, get a tokyotreat box every month, japan is heavily entrenched in our lives. It is a pipe dream to live there, but if the opportunity ever arrises I would like to have one less obstacle in our way. The obstacle of communication. We plan to at least visit ever other year. We should be going in 2019 and I hope to still be learning then and well on my way to being compitent.
    I am worried about getting burnt out and I am still in the honeymoon phase, it seems. Hopefully this self motivation will hold for a long time. Only time will tell.
    Oh, and as he seems to be the only one reading and responding to these posts,
    Hi Joel, It’s good to be here! Hopefully we will be seeing a lot of each other here on textfugu!




    Oh, a personal greeting. =P

    Welcome! I too get a Tokyo Treat box every month. What tier? You get any practice in by reading the packaging? Especially the instructions on the DIY candy? I read the DIY instructions, but everything else gets put in a box with the intent to try reading it later (or at least making an Anki deck out of it for studying), but I never get around to it.

    Where’d you go in particular during your trip?

    I visited last December, and will be going again in just a week and a half from now. I’d like to live there for an extended period – if for no other reason than to get more time to do some of the things I’d like to do – but I also kinda don’t want to be away from home for an extended period. Bit of a dilemma…



    We do premium. My wife Loves the drinks. She is a huge fan of milk tea and was very happy with last months drink. I picked one of the snacks up today and read through what i could, to see if i noticed any words. No luck. IDK if you saw the spoiler for next months box, i wont ruin it just in case, but I am excited to see what arrives!
    We started in Kawasaki daishi for two days. 5 days in Yugawara for onsen’s and mt. fuji, visited tokyo a few times while staying in yugawara, once for a day out once for Tokyo Anime Convention. Then up to Sendai for 6 days. Then back to tokyo staying by the airport for our early flight. we really enjoyed Sendai, it felt like tokyo but much less crowded and less hectic.
    Oh wow, so jealous of you heading there soon! Any big plans. Cherry blossom viewing?
    Being away from family would be tough but my wife and i both agree if either of us lucks into an opportunity that could support us we are there!



    Tragically, we’ll be too late for cherry blossoms – we could, admittedly, have followed them north, but we want to head west to visit Himeji Castle, because when we visited it on our first trip in 2010, they’d literally just closed it for refurbishment. This trip will be Kanagawa -> Toyama/Kanazawa -> Tateyama-Kurobe Alpine Route -> Nagoya (as a base for the Kiso Valley) -> Kyoto -> Osaka -> Chiba. Just two weeks (it’s pretty much all either of us can afford to take off work in one slab – or rather, it’s the longest either of our workplaces can manage without us before collapsing into anarchy).

    I blogged our last two trips at, and this trip will be going up there as well.

    Hadn’t heard anything about the next Tokyo Treat box, save that mine is en route. I only get the regular box.

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