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    Max Amaden

    My name is Max, and I’ve wanted to learn Japanese for many years now.

    I subscribed and began my lessons here before beginning university around three years ago, and despite really enjoying it, I unfortunately (as most work-loaded 18 year olds would do) lost the motivation to continue.

    Now, I’m back with a vengeance! With plenty more free time on my hands, I’ll be attempting to put in at least a few hours each week and see how it goes this time.

    Just as when I first began, my reasons for taking on the language are the same – and I imagine quite similar to many of yours.

    I want to be able to experience and understand Japanese media and culture from a more direct perspective. No more janky translations and confusing translator’s sidenotes. I also aim to bypass the need to rely on translations for the media I enjoy consuming – films, games, anime, manga, and perhaps even literature and poetry (with a particular joy for Japanese horror).

    One day I want to be able to visit Japan and be able to converse fluently and confidently, and at the very least be able to make sense of road signs and menus and what-not.

    I currently run an independant games studio as well, and if my abilities end up spanning far enough it would be nice to be able to localise my games into Japanese by my own hand.

    So that’s me! It’s a pleasure to meet you all.
    (Though I’m not quite sure if these forums are still active :S)


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